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Turning Auto Leads into Advertising

Be more helpful than your competitors…

If you have worked in sales for the auto industry, chances are you have worked with, or at the very least, know about leads. With subprime, it can be a hit or miss each time you call. While the customer is in the market for a vehicle, it can be tricky trying to get them into the dealership. Chances are the customer has already been declined by walking into a dealership, which may have hurt their pride. When you call a auto lead, you want to try to uncover the issues that they have had, and assure them that you can assist them in getting a car. Just because they have limited credit options available doesn’t mean that they will put up with a sour attitude. On the same note, just because these customers may require more work to get approved and into a car, doesn’t make it ‘not worth it’ to try for the sale. Even if you can’t finance the customer right away, be polite, be helpful and when the customer does eventually come up with a down payment, or find a cosigner, they will remember the way you treated them and how you helped them. If you do everything right the best advertising of all: word of mouth, will be your reward. Whether you sell a car or not. Word of mouth is hands down the best form of advertising, and it can not be bought, it has to be earned through quality service with your existing customers. A great reputation from people in your neighborhood will not only help your walk ins, it will help all of your advertising through the respected branding that comes with good word of mouth.

It’s common for as auto dealer to spend tens of thousands of dollars each month to get people into their showrooms, without knowing if the audience they are reaching is even interested in purchasing a vehicle. The best lead providers generate auto finance leads from their websites. This way a dealership can be sure that they are getting customers who are looking to purchase a vehicle right now. Websites should focus on a number of keywords, such as ‘car credit’ and other keywords that customers look for when they are trying to obtain auto financing. Most online applicants are self described subprime customers, meaning that they believe they have poor credit and don’t want to go from dealership to dealership just to be rejected. The goal of an auto lead provider like, part of Cyberlead, Inc, is to connect customers from their highly ranked auto loan websites to a dealership that has the ability to help get a customer who applied on one of their sites financed and into a car.