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Calling Your Leads – What Do You Want?

What a lead wants… what a lead gets… 

Congratulations, you’ve initialized the conversation by asking the customer who you are, and letting them know you are calling about their auto loan application, welcome to part two in communication! If you skipped the first step, please see and soak up some handy tips.

Now, it’s your turn to ask the customer a few questions without bombarding them. I’ve found that initially asking, “How much are you looking to finance?” generally gets me the response, “How much you gonna give me?” and puts the customer in a hostile stance. Similarly, asking, “Do you have a specific type of car in mind and do you know how much you are looking to finance?” makes the customer think more about their answer, and come up with a more sincere response. It’s a simple two part question that helps you feel out the customer and what they are really looking for.

Let’s say that the customer tells you that they want around $5,000 for a car they saw parked on the lawn of a house down the street with a for sale sign in the window. I’ve seen many salesman abort the call at this moment and hang up. Seriously, that’s entirely unprofessional. Just because already knows the exact car that they want doesn’t mean you can’t sell them a car. There are many acceptable ways to turn this into a sale. Buying from a dealership gives the customer a security blanket, use that and your car knowledge to help open up their options. If the customer says that they saw a Chrysler Sebring that they wanted, ask some questions about it, is it a two door, four door, convertible? Then you could try asking if they are interested in it because of the style or the price. Ask, “A Sebring, nice, are you looking at that one because it’s a four-door or because of the price?” What was the answer, a little of both? Well, what if you could offer them a newer model of the same or similar car for roughly the same price from a dealership AND get them financing? It really helps to know your inventory or be able to search it while you are on the phone with the customer.

Do you see what we did there? We asked some questions without making it sound like they have no choice but to purchase a car from your dealership. They do have a choice, and backing a customer into a corner with condescending phrases or tones will get you nowhere. By asking some polite get-to-know-you questions you now know what the customer is looking for and their budget.